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"The purest form of madness is


to leave everything as is and at the same time hope that something will change "


- Albert Einstein -

Don't you also know the situation where you are late for work in the early morning due to a traffic jam on the motorway or a train cancellation?

You are already stressed before starting work and the boss is also in a bad mood

The same game in the afternoon.

You want to go home quickly to your family and have a nice afternoon.

Puff pie ... Autobahn is tight again and the train is on strike.

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Why are you doing this to yourself?

Wouldn't it be nicer to go to leisure shortly after work

instead of driving home for an hour or two?

If you too want to improve your life

and also want to make a contribution to environmental protection .......

without obligation and get to know your swap partner.

Your advantages through short commutes

- more free time for family and hobbies,

happier children

- better health through less stress

- less wear and tear on the car, less depreciation

- Come to work more rested and relaxed

- on time for the start of work, good-humored boss

- less traffic jams, free city access

- and most importantly ....... a clean environment,

- the world of our children -

through less CO2 emissions

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